Painting on glass

One of the most beautiful arts is the Vitra (painting on glass), this beautiful art has a lot of history.

Let’s start learning the art of the living room

Step One: Provide the necessary equipment for painting on glass

To start this beautiful art, you need to paint, a viter, a pen and a glass container

The color of the vetra is usually the base of the beam, and after washing it is not washed away and is completely fixed, it has transient or transparent properties and can be easily combined.
You can also use Tiner to wash the brush

The very important thing is to use a paint marker to dilute the colors of the windows, so that the color does not break.

Step Two: The Vitro Design

To paint on the glass we need a raw veneer design. The design can also be prepared from the site ready to print, and you can drag and drop your design to the desired level or glass. What is important in the design of the windows is to coordinate the scale with the dimensions of our glass container.

Step Three: Tutorial on the glass

First you need to learn how to use the interceptor

Tips on diverting
The tip of the dough should be perfectly clean, without the slightest prominence.
The tip of the dough should be at least 1 cm from the glass
The direction of the tip of the dough should be opposite to the direction of movement of your hands, almost perpendicular to the glass.
After a few hours of training, align the speed of your hand with the pressure of your hands to the dough so that it does not break or cook the paste.

The next step is to transfer the design to the glass, which depends on the container. The transfer of the design to flat containers is much simpler than convex containers.

The final step is to paint the neck of the design using the colors of the window.

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